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Acoustic Energy 100 series100-Series

The new AE100 Series introduces a number of improvements and evolutionary changes all focused on refining the listening experience at the same time as providing a more room friendly loudspeaker. We’ve introduced our WDT tweeter assembly from the AE1 Active, which creates far better in-room dispersion, as well as locating our slot ports to the rear for less midrange colouration and improved bass response. At the same time, the external design has been improved for a more elegant appearance and smaller footprint that should work well in a wide variety of surroundings. With higher quality fit and finish than ever before available from our entry level ranges, new colour and vinyl options and neat magnetic grilles the visual appeal is higher than ever.

We also offer the 1-Series as 5.1 packages for home cinema use. These comprise 108 sub, 107 centre, 100s for rear and either a further set of 100s for the front or a pair of 103 floorstanders.

Acoustic Energy AE100 in walnut  Acoustic Energy AE109 in WalnutAcoustic Energy AE107 in WalnutAcoustic Energy AE108 in Walnut

Acoustic Energy 100 (pair) £199
Acoustic Energy 109 (pair) £499
Acoustic Energy 107 Centre £195
Acoustic Energy 108 Subwoofer £349



The new 300 Series features multiple upgrades over the entry-level 100 Series, all designed to improve both audio performance and aesthetics, befitting of its more premium status. Bespoke new drive units have been designed in tandem to offer seamless tonal integration in addition to low distortion and high power handling benefits. The 28mm aluminium dome tweeter also features our WDT Wide Dispersion Technology™ and a re-designed 130mm aluminium mid-bass driver uses a ceramic aluminium sandwich cone and long throw motor system. The seamless cabinet enclosures boast an inert 18mm high density MDF material with proprietary internal bracing technology to reduce cabinet colouration. They’re finished in attractive real open grain walnut wood veneer, piano grade high gloss black or white lacquer options.

300-Black-Web300-Walnut-Wood-Veneer-Web300-White-Web-1300-White-on-Stand 309-White309-Walnut309-Black-with-Guitar309-Black

Every loudspeaker manufacturer has its flagship range, but not very many have achieved the levels of acclaim reserved for Acoustic Energy’s Reference Series.

With the launch of the original AE1 monitor in 1987 Acoustic Energy was founded.

Now, in 2017, Acoustic Energy introduces their first domestic active loudspeaker, the AE1 Active, carrying the tradition of the iconic AE1 model into a new, compact active design. This complements their Reference range of speakers which have been designed to combine everything they know about loudspeaker design into products that are the very best they have ever made.

As such, the Reference 1 and 3 uses their specially developed Constrained Layer Damping cabinet to provide as inert a structure as possible for the drivers. The drivers themselves are no-compromise designs employing aluminium for the bass and midbass units and a 32mm ring radiator tweeter for exceptional frequency response and extremely low distortion.

Finished in a range of premium finishes, the Reference line-up is able to meet the most demanding of expectations while delivering exceptional aesthetics and user friendliness and whilst representing the pinnacle of Acoustic Energy speaker design.

Acoustic Energy Reference 1 in piano ebonyAcoustic Energy Reference 3 Acoustic Energy Reference Stands AE1-Active-BlackAE1-Active-White-1AE1-Active-Cherry


Acoustic Energy Reference 1 (pair) £1,649
Acoustic Energy AE1 Active (pair) £999
Acoustic Energy Reference 3 (pair) £4,199
Acoustic Energy Reference Stands (pair) £350