Star Ceilings

HiFi Cinema Star Ceiling

A Star ceiling can be one of the most delightful finishes to a home cinema room possible. We’ve partnered with Starscape to enable us to install their wonderful Infinity Star ceilings. These are made up of black felt covered panels populated with fibre-optic “stars”. The fibres are bundled together to a simple ferrule, which allows […]

Dedicated Cinemascope 4K Cinema Room with Dolby Atmos sound system (Home Extension)

widescreen cinema room

  Originally our customers had been quoted a “cinema system” by their electricians who were wiring their new extension.  They decided to pay us a visit as they wanted a specialist in the field to design and build something using “better than your average mass market products” and with an eye for the look and […]

Cinemascope Dolby Atmos 7.4.2 Home Cinema

Cinemascope Screen

We love it when customers are really enthusiastic about their Home Cinema system, and we’re delighted when the end result is as good as this. This stunning Dolby Atmos 7.4.2 system using the Anthem AVM60 surround processor, Anthem PVA 7 and PVA4 power amplifiers and DALI Rubicon LCR on-wall speakers delivering superb sound in spades. […]

4k Cinemascope format Cinema Room

4K widescreen cinema room

  In a distinctly upmarket property in Surrey we designed and installed this high performance 4K HDR (High Dynamic Range) cinema room complete with acoustically transparent AV wall incorporating the equipment cabinet at the bottom.  The design looks like a flat wall but in fact houses the amplifiers, ethernet hub and all the sources.  All […]

Cinemascope Home Cinema Showroom update

We have been hard at work updating our showroom over recent weeks. This has been with two HiFi Cinema showroom objectives in mind: Show off full CinemaScope films Update the look for a more contemporary feel with added WoW! With a standard 16:9 widescreen TV format screen, you get a suitably impressive picture and room-filling […]

Our New Home Cinema Showroom Design

Demonstration Cinema Room Model

We are planning a new high end Home Cinema Showroom to be build in what is now the workshop upstairs, here’s a quick sneak peek of what we’re planning: The system will have the following features: Full 4K 3D projection System 12′ wide fixed Cinemascope Screen In-wall / on-wall speakers for 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos Sound […]

Multi-Room AV and dedicated Cinema Room

Dedicated HiFi Cinema Room

The Brief for this project evolved over a number of months. It involved AV distribution to most rooms about the house, with a variety of quality presentations depending on the room. Added to this was a dedicated High spec Home Cinema In short we ended up with: 8 zones of Sonos Music 7 zones of Linn Music […]

Mood Lighting Systems

Bedroom Lighting

From your Cinema Room to the whole house, we can provide that special lighting ingredient: control Rather than a simple switch or dimmer for each lighting circuit, mood lighting systems use a single button to select the mood with pre-set dim levels on a range of lights. After all, when you set the lights in […]

Basement Cinema in home extension

This Cinema Room was designed to go into a Basement that was dug as part of a house extension. When we first went there it was just a hole in the ground, however with a bit of careful planning our customer has turned it into a superbly comfortable and enjoyable cinema space. Two rows of […]

Ultimate Home Cinema Showroom

Pulse Cinemas Demo room

Our custom built Ultimate Home Cinema Showroom / Experience Centre allows clients to discover at first hand the superb performance that only the best technology and Design can create. Featuring full 3D sound, wall-to-wall screen and D-Box motion equipped seats coupled to a computer modelled acoustically treated room, and super-high performance projector. This Experience Centre, […]

Making sense of multi-channel audio layouts

5.1 channel surround sound speaker layout

The Audio systems we listen to tend to have multiple combinations of speakers going from a single loudspeaker, to sophisticated multi-channel 3D surround systems. When creating a listening room, or adding a sound system into your living room for example, where you put the speakers is an important factor in the sound quality of the […]

Home Cinema Speakers

DALI Ikon Home cinema loudspeakers

We focus on quality for our Home Cinema Speakers to ensure that the highest quality sound is reproduced at each budget level. Our experience of Home Cinema Speakers ensures that we can choose the right combination of speakers for your system. In the early days of surround sound systems, the manufacturers realised that with a […]