October 2019

Forget the election for an evening: Join us to listen to a selection of music covering the career of UK supergroup Dire Straits. We’ll be playing music on the best HiFi we’ve ever had in our showroom. Technics SL1000 turntable, Naim ND555 streaming player, Naim Statement S1 pre-amp, Naim NAP-500

Akito tone arm being repaired
We have found that older Linn tonearms tend to become a bit sticky, as dust and dirt drop into the tonearm bearings and can make the arm “notchy” and causing tracking issues. The usual response was to buy a new tonearm, however this need not always be the first resort.

Naim Uniti Atom
Firmware update 3.3.0 for Uniti Atom, Star and Nova Today (3/10/19) sees the release of a significant firmware update for our Uniti range, fixing a range of display and usability issues, plus adding fresh internet radio functionality. Thanks to all Uniti users for their patience while these bugs were fixed.