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 Revel Ultima Studio speakers

Selling on behalf of a customer, these chunky great sounding speakers, are in excellent condition for their age.

Revel Ultima Studio L2 Revel Ultima Studio L1 Revel Ultima Studio L3 Revel Ultima Studio L4

Revel Ultima Studio PairThese superb high-end speakers feature dual bass drivers, and a separate Midrange / tweeter enclosure above. There are spikes with the hardwood floor covers fitted, and have the crossover linking straps fitted, which can be removed for bi-amp operation. Manuals and an allen key to remove the cheek pieces are also included.

Tweeter adjustments on the rear panel, coupled with a separate rearward facing tweeter  allows for a certain amount of optimisation  to achieve the best tonal balance and spaciousness.

This Pair £ Sold !

Revel Ultima Studio R1 Revel Ultima Studio R2 Revel Ultima Studio R3 Revel Ultima Studio R4