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Mark Levinson No 585 Integrated 200Wpc Amplifier



Completely Immaculate Ex-Demonstration Mark Levinson No 585 Integrated Amplifier.  15 Months old, long warranty, all original packaging and accessories included (as you would expect from a brand new unit)

Awesome sounding 200W per channel – plenty of headroom and a superb USB DAC on board.  Connect a Melco Server to this and it makes a sublime streaming system.


The foundation of the No585 is its fully discrete, mirror-imaged, dual-monaural analog circuitry featuring individual signal switching relays for each of its four stereo inputs: one XLR and three RCA. Volume controls use discrete 15-bit R-2R ladders and low-noise analog switches for the widest possible bandwidth and maximum signal integrity. The fully-differential Class AB power stage includes an oversized 900VA toroidal transformer with individual secondary windings for the left and right channels. Each elegantly simple amplifier channel utilizes twelve output transistors and multiple smaller local capacitors that allow them to be placed physically closer to the amplifiers for greater transient response when power is needed immediately. This robust architecture results in a conservative power rating of 200W per channel with stability into 2 ohms. System integration and expansion are possible using the stereo RCA preouts which can operate full-range or with an included switchable, second-order, 80Hz crossover filter allowing for seamless integration into 2.1-channel systems with powered subwoofers.

The proof however is an audition. – We’re hugely impressed, and that doesn’t happen easily!

Price New £12500

This Unit £7500

Save £5000 !

Melco N1Z-S10 Audiophile Music Server in black

Melco N1-Z black

Absolutely immaculate N1Z-S10 music server with 1Tb Solid State Drives, latest firmware, original packaging and accessories and full after sales backup.  Traded in by a customer who upgraded to a larger storage capacity ! (Has a VERY large CD collection !)  Stores aprox. 2000 CD’s or a vast number of 24bit studio master files.  Makes any music streamer or DAC sound WAY BETTER by preserving the integrity and timing of all your digital sources – even Tidal, Spotify, Qobuz and Internet radio sound better as the Melco isolates your home network / router from the music pathway into the streamer.  Feeding your main source device from a 2 cents Chinese clock chip in your router was never a recipe for audiophile sound quality !  Now theres a better way……

Price New £7000

This unit £3750

Save £3250 !

Revel Ultima Studio speakers

Selling on behalf of a customer, these chunky great sounding speakers, are in excellent condition for their age.

Revel Ultima Studio L2 Revel Ultima Studio L1 Revel Ultima Studio L3 Revel Ultima Studio L4

Revel Ultima Studio PairThese superb high-end speakers feature dual bass drivers, and a separate Midrange / tweeter enclosure above. There are spikes with the hardwood floor covers fitted, and have the crossover linking straps fitted, which can be removed for bi-amp operation. Manuals and an allen key to remove the cheek pieces are also included.

Tweeter adjustments on the rear panel, coupled with a separate rearward facing tweeter  allows for a certain amount of optimisation  to achieve the best tonal balance and spaciousness.

This Pair £2850

Revel Ultima Studio R1 Revel Ultima Studio R2 Revel Ultima Studio R3 Revel Ultima Studio R4