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Naim Special Offers

Naim NDS music streamer / 555PS Power supply – 1 Year old Ex-Demo

nds_1 nds_2_0 Naim’s top specification music streamer with matching 555PS power supply – utterly sublime, better than any CD player and right up there with the top vinyl players, this Ex-Demo unit is immaculate and comes with all the accessories and packaging you’d expect with a brand new unit, including two Burndy Leads for connection to the 555 Power supply.  July 2016 manufacture – 4 years warranty.

Price New £8100

This NDS streamer £5670


NAPS555-DR  Power supply

Matching 555 power supply for the NDS (or other Naim source device) – 1 Year old Ex-Demonstration model, Immaculate condition with complete set of accessories, Powerline mains lead and original Naim packaging.  Latest DR (Discreet Regulator) specification. July 2016 manufacture – 4 years warranty.


Price New £6530

This Unit £4530



Naim NAC552 Pre-amplifier and matching PS552-DR power supply

nac552_1552PS-DR As-new condition NAC552 Pre-Amplifier, utterly sublime.  Ex-Demonstration unit complete with all accessories and original Naim packaging, Burndy leads and Powerline Mains lead.  July 2016 manufacture – 4 years warranty.

Price New £ 19775.00

This Unit £ 13842.00

Save £ 5933

Naim  XPS Power supply

IMG_1610 IMG_1602


Naim XPS – the ideal partner to the CDX or to power another Naim source component, excellent condition and complete with boxes and accessories. This Unit £895


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