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Anthem D2V 3D 7.1ch surround processor

Anthem D2v top front

D2V Rear panel


Just traded in this well looked after (immaculate) D2V is a sought after surround processor due to its superb high end sound quality. Considered by many as a reference, the D2V has an advanced version of the revered Anthem Room Correction (ARC) which, after scanning each loudspeaker in the room with the supplied calibrated microphone, reduces room resonances, loudspeaker amplitude defects and other reflections to produce a superb, neutral sound field without destroying the sense of involvement in the sound – unlike most other room correction systems.  Coupled with a decent power amplifier (with the appropriate number of channels) and high end speakers this is a system to be reckoned with.  Comes complete with ARC kit, remote, accessories, power lead etc.

  • The 24-Bit/192-kHz precision upsampler operates on all digital audio signals. The D2’s DACs also incorporate 128X oversampling to increase the sample rate to 24.576 MHz, ensuring the best phase and frequency response possible. Measurable results reflect exceptionally flat frequency response and THD+N in the upper frequencies. This is up to twenty times lower than some of the best high-end outboard DACs, resulting in a much higher level of transparency for multichannel music and movies. Sonic performance is astounding. Smoother high-frequency response, superior detail, and better image focus—a far more transparent window on the original performance.
  • Anthem’s Own Design! Two dual-core digital signal processing (DSP) engines, our own DSP design, offer a total of 800 MIPS to allow decoding of the new HD audio standards: Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD High-Resolution Audio and DTS-HD Master Audio. More than enough processing power to handle even the most complex program material with matchless precision.
  • Triple 4 Mbit 8ns external memory is large enough to ensure that the DSP engines never run out of resources.
  • 4-layer hand-designed motherboard includes separate power and groundplanes.
  • Independent 6- and 8-layer DSP, A/D and D/A converter boards—A/D and D/A use separate analog and digital planes as well as separate power and groundplanes for remarkably low noise.
  • All critical signal paths are surrounded by groundplanes.
  • Fully buffered audio/video inputs for minimum crosstalk.
  • State-of-the-art video switching circuitry is laid out on isolated, independent 2-layer glass-epoxy circuit boards.
  • Highest-precision thru-hole passive components.

Price New £ 9000.00

This unit: £ 1950.00