Stereo Music Systems

We call full-on HiFi a Music System. This is because delivering the Music is what it is all about. We are passionate about sound quality, and focus on superb music systems that are so exceptional we can’t possibly do them justice on a website.  Most, if not all customers visiting our showroom – even those used to very high end HiFi audio systems and live music, agree that we can produce a far better sound than they expected.  Only by visiting us will you ever appreciate the experience. So why not come and hear for yourself what we can do. We love listening to music with our customers, and always relish the excuse to put new music on…

We have become huge fans of Digital Music Streaming -Where you buy a digital download, or a streaming subscription for your music. Moving away from the CD format, means that you play back music in full studio master resolution to play it back exactly as it was mixed in the studio, or recorded at the concert. There are audible advantages to be had as well as far greater ease of access to music, over playback from a CD. We have a brief page on Digital Streaming here, and a Digital Streaming Glossary to help understand the jargon.

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For a breakdown and more information on what we mean by Music Systems, see our Audio Components page (right).

We have priced up some sample systems which can be seen on our Example Music System Pricing page. These are chosen from systems we have put together and know work well, many of which you can hear in our showroom.

We supply music systems for single and Multi-Rooom applications from manufacturers we have selected for performance and value for money, including the following:

Linn            Plays High Resolution Music

Linn HiFi Music SystemsLinn Music SystemsLinn is one of the world leaders in high performance audio – you listen to the music, not the HiFi. This philosophy underpins our approach at HiFi Cinema, where our goal is to provide music systems that will deliver the experience and enjoyment of music, giving exceptional value for money because you won’t ever get bored of listening. The Klimax DS and Akurate DS music players blow away the concept of needing a CD player as you access your music from a hard disc drive with the convenience of control from your phone or iPad. The All of ther Linn Digital Streaming players will play high resolution studio master audio files up to 24 bit 192KHz resolution. The Klimax DS plays music better than any cd player we’ve ever heard – regardless of cost! We are one of only a handful of Klimax level dealers in the UK. Linn have a new Series 5 Music System just launched – this combines tailoring the sound and tailoring the look of the speakers to your room. See our Linn Series 5 page for more details

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Plays High Resolution Music

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HiFi Cinema are proud to be one of the premier Naim dealer in the Southeast.  We can demonstrate systems from entry level right up to the 500 series.

Naim HiFi Music Systems

Naim Audio have been at the heart of the British HiFi scene for decades and are a well respected manufacturer of world class audio systems. Their after sales backup is second to none, and they will still service your old Naim equipment that’s 20 years old just as long as the parts are still available. Their highest spec systems are utterly astonishing and without doubt amongst the best in the world. From the single box all-in-one Naim Mu-So to the top-end streaming players, all are capable of playing 24 bit 192KHz high resolution audio formats, for the best resolution in music playback.

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DALI Loudspeakers

DALI Opticon family black-glossDALI make very high end audiophile loudspeakers with beatifully finished cabinets. With new magnetic compounds in the drive units and advanced ribbon tweeter technology they reproduce a depth and transparency that is unique to DALI. Their designs win many awards in the HiFi press and we have a vast selection to choose from. DALI make some of the best loudspeakers we’ve ever heard pound for pound. And now there are the Epicon 6 and Epicon 8 speakers which have made a step change in speaker motor technology to vastly improve linearity and reduce distortion. Put simply, these are some of the best sounding speakers we’ve ever heard.

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Multi-room HiFi music systems

For Multi-room Music Systems, many of the regular hifi components from the likes of Linn and Naim are also multi-room components, as Digital streaming allows multi-room operations. These are full-on quality HiFi components, with the advantage that they can be linked together for a seamless system covering as many rooms as you want. The systems provide audiophile sound quality with a superb, simple iPad based control App. View more details on our Multi Room audio systems, see our Multi Room Systems.

Naim Uniti Star

For details on our acoustic room treatment solutions which will make your room look fabulous, see our Home Cinema Design.

 HiFi Music Systems & Home Automation

We are also able to integrate your HiFi Audio Systems into a home automation system. at the touch of a button on your iPad, you are able to control the lights, heating, CCTV, TV and HiFi – See our Home Automation page for further details.

On-Demand Streaming Services

There are several streaming services you can subscribe to, giving you access to thousands of albums or individual tracks that you don’t already own as a file or CD.  Tidal and Qobuz offer you a minimum of CD quality (16 bit 44.1Khz lossless compression) and also 24bit studio master quality.  simply search for your favourite music and play on any of our Linn or Naim streaming systems.  For a limit time you can have a free trial of Qobuz by clicking here: