For Architects, Property Developers and Interior Designers

First Fix wiring being installedWe regularly work with property developers, Interior Designers and Architects to design and install a variety of AV and home automation systems in renovations and new build properties. To this end we have written a number of basic articles covering wiring and room layout which give an overview of the requirements for the modern home:

We are always delighted to be asked to give input on any project – particularly at the design stage. We are able to create schematics and wiring lists, together with basic 3D models to help visualise the final result. We have been involved in a number of high end projects with imaginative Audio Visual systems, Lighting, Home Automation and control, plus the underlying infrastructure to support robust and reliable wireless internet access and remote control of the home.

We know it is vitally important to get the correct wires to the correct places during the first fix phase, and regularly do site inspections during and after first fix to ensure that the right wires are where we want them to be.

If you have a project that is likely to have requirements for any of the following, please contact us, as we may be able to offer suggestions to satisfy your brief, delight the end customer, and save money in the long run:


 Concealing Technology

Not everyone wants to have their expensive AV technology on show, so we have become experts at concealing, disguising or otherwise making the technology invisible. This can be with the use of Technology that doesn’t need to be regularly accessed,  motorised lifts, screens and panels, speakers that blend into your interior design, sit behind panels or are seamlessly built into the wall fabric, and can be painted or papered over. Much technology can be hidden away and driven remotely via tablet, PC Phone or more conventional shaped Remote controls.

We think the most thrilling technology, is the technology that just works when you want it, and is concealed when you don’t want it. Our Acoustic Room Treatment systems are a case in point: The technology all goes on behind acoustic fabrics, which hide speakers, sound diffusers and absorbers. The result is clean and uncluttered, both in terms of looks and performance.