DALI Rubicon

DALI Rubicon speaker range – stunning sound, beautiful finish

We originally heard these at the official Rubicon launch in London and we’re mightily impressed ! ¬†The on-wall speaker has a clever rear-vented design and sounds like a floor stander.

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Based on the design principles of the award winning and coveted Epicon series, the Rubicon range incorporates similar SMC (Soft Magnetic Composite) drive units. The cleverly matched dual dome / ribbon tweeter assembly gives a totally transparent and convincing image, massed with detail and musical involvement.

At this price point, they are nothing short of astonishing and will make any HiFi system sound better.

Available in several superb finishes – the quality of which only DALI can produce, includes Gloss Black, White, Rosso, and Walnut.

A demonstration is highly recommended on one of our Linn or Naim Audio systems, so why not book an appointment now ?

Alternatively you can bring your own source / amplifier to see how they can take the lid off the music in your system ūüôā


‚Äė‚Ķthe DALI RUBICONs should be thought of as the free spirits of the speaker world‚Ķ‚Äô

‚Äė‚Ķtheir agile nimble character encourages a fluid and richly textured sound‚Ķ‚Äô

‚Äė‚Ķthey‚Äôre seriously entertaining and easy to listen to‚Ķ‚Äô

Dali Rubicon range

Rubicon Family in Walnut


Heres some detail of the Rubicon Range:

DALI rubicon SMC driver

Rubicon SMC drive unit


DALI Rubicon tweeter assy

Rubicon tweeter assembly


DALI rubicon speaker

Rubicon loudspeaker construction

Rubicon family in Gloss Black:  DALI Rubicon black

RUBICON 2      £1,699 per pair
RUBICON 5      £2,799 per pair
RUBICON 6      £3,199 per pair
RUBICON 8      £4,199 per pair
RUBICON LCR               £899 each

RUBICON VOKAL (Centre speaker)   £1,499 each