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HiFi Cinema were one of the very first companies to offer JVC Professional D-ILA projectors for domestic use in home cinema systems.  We still have an original G-10 projector from over a decade ago when this technology was in its infancy.

Now there are 3D domestic versions of the D-ILA range all of which we can provide (DLA-X35, DLA-X55, DLA-X75, DLA-X95), however we can also include the JVC Professional range  in our systems, the DLA-RS46, DLA-RS48, DLA-RS56 and DLA-RS66.

What’s the difference? you ask, well they are very similar in performance but have additional features for fine adjustment of Gamma, colour balance, and picture calibration enabling us to properly calibrate the picture for a perfect result.  The prices are the same, so in all better value for money!  Give your system the Professional edge with HiFi Cinema!  Click Here to find out more.


DLA-RS66                                              3D Glasses