Arcam Solo and r-series products

Arcam Solo Bar

Solo Bar





Six drive units and 100 watts of amplification provide enough power to give you great sound for your TV.

Add to this Blutooth, Optical and Analogue inputs, and this is a versatile and flexible adittion to your entertainment enjoyment.                                                                   Arcam Solo Bar £800.00


Arcam Solo Sub

solo-sub 1











Boost the bass of your Solo Bar with this compatible Sub. 300 watts and a 10″ driver will add depth and power to your Movie enjoyment. Flexible installation options allow you to connect it wirelessly or wired to the Solo Bar.                                                                          Arcam Solo Sub   £500.00




Digital to Analogue converter, 6 inputs including USB asynchronous technology and iPod input

irDAC                    £400.00








AIRPLAY enabled Digital to Analogue converter 3 inputs, analogue and digital output

airDAC                                        £400.00








High performance USB DAC, Phono outputs and high quality headphone amp. Includes USB, phono cables and travel bag

rPAC                    £150.00






DAC for use with Sonos ZP90 and Connect – fits neatly underneath, and massively improves the sound into existing HiFi systems.

SonLink                                    £185.00






High performance Bluetooth DAC with aptX technology. Digital coax and analogue phono outputs. Includes digital coax connector, interconnects and power supply.

rbLink                  £160.00