Arcam FMJ Products

The Arcam FMJ Products really need to be listened to, to appreciate their quality, we have a selection in our showroom, and are always willing to demonstrate them. Please contact us to arrange a demonstration.

FMJ AVR950 AV Receiver                        £6,000.00

FMJ AVR750 AV Receiver                        £4,000.00

FMJ AVR450 AV Receiver                        £2,200.00

FMJ AVR380 AV Receiver                        £1,500.00




Arcam FMJ AVR750 front

This is the latest in the Arcam FMJ pedigree of AV Receivers. This is a highly capable single box AV receiver. To get better performance, you really have to spend much more, and end up with at least two boxes of a similar size. It is capable of the latest in high definition 4K up-scaling, and of course 3D. With no less than 14 inputs it could be all you need for your home cinema.


FMJ UDP411 Universal Disc Player                £1,200.00

Arcam FMJ BDP300_193_large

The Arcam FMJ UDP411 embraces movie and music playback, offering outstanding performance in both disciplines. Unlike most BluRay machines music from CDs is delivered with outstanding quality while movie performance with either 2D or 3D films is to the very highest standards currently available. Using Arcam’s unique and hard won engineering expertise the UDP411 delivers a truly emotional portrayal of your favourite discs, delivering blockbuster experiences straight to your arm chair


FMJ A19 Amplifier                              £650.00

Arcam FMJ A19 Amp_202_large

the Arcam FMJ A19 will delight music lovers of all generations. It delivers exceptional transparency and detail with ultra-low level distortion and is perfect for those looking for reference level sound quality at a sensible price.

Featuring some of the latest thinking in high performance amplifier design, the A19 uses components and techniques mormally found in Arcam’s top of the range products. The amplifier’s design and performance have been refined and tuned to an exquisite degree. This focus on sound quality has led to an intellegent power supply design that also enables the amplifier to offer a flexible upgrade path. The power section of the A19 is design to be able to supply two of Arcam’s class-leading r-Series products in addition to its main duties. This allows the A19 to become a digital hub for a whole range of digital connection upgrades that includes both wireless Bluetooth® devices and USB sources


FMJ A39 Amplifier                              £1,500.00

Arcam A39

Slim in appearance but powerfully built the Arcam FMJ  A39 offers an ideal balance between power delivery and size. Sophisticated control electronics offer complete control over seven sources. 120 watts per channel provides enough drive and control for use with some of the world’s best high performance loudspeakers. The A39’s flexibility is due to its microprocessor control and intelligent software which provides unique features without compromising amplification performance.