Lounge Cinema System with Tidy AV Wall


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Lounge Cinema System

This lounge cinema system used to be an old fireplace which we ripped out and replaced with this tidy AV wall for a relatively modest budget. All the electronics and front loudspeakers / subwoofer are housed within.

Lounge cinema system

Equipment comprises:

  • Naim n-Vi cinema system
  • Dali Ikon Phantom in-wall loudspeakers
  • Dali Ikon Vokal 2 centre channel
  • Dali Ikon Subwoofer
  • Sky HD receiver
  • 50″ High definition plasma screen
  • Under-pelmet lighting
  • Custom designed and built wall to wall Oak furniture

The sound stage has a huge scale which belies the modest room proportions and is superb at reproducing music – an unusual attribute for a 5.1 system, but something we excel at! Of course the picture quality is stunning too.

A lounge cinema system to entertain for many years to come !