Fabulous Small Barn Conversion in Berkshire with Full AV Wall and Multi-Room Music


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Barn Conversion cinema system

It was nice to start with a blank canvas when designing this barn conversion cinema system, our customers, Mr. and Mrs. P, approached us early enough in the build to enable us to integrate the whole system properly before the first fix wiring was in place.

The property comprises a country house in extensive grounds in a picturesque village, which will be phase 2 of the renovation project, meanwhile the barn conversion will be used as smart new accomodation and ultimately living accomodation for relatives.  A bit of forward planning enabled us to put wiring in for future expansion of the computer Ethernet system, multiroom music  and integrate the two buildings.

Full HD plasma screen for general viewing, and touching one button, switching to:

An 8′ projector screen for movies, documentaries and dramas in full HD !

System comprises:

  • Sky HD receiver plus additional Sky + receiver for feeding the rest of the house
  • Anthem BLX200 Blu-Ray player
  • Arcam AVR600 surround receiver with high definition sound decoding (Dolby True HD and DTS Master Audio)
  • Dali Mentor 5 loudspeakers (fronts and rears),  Dali Mentor LCR centre channel, Dali Ikon Subwoofer
  • Sim2 D80 projector (1080p)
  • Pioneer Kuro plasma screen (50″)
  • Logitec Harmony 1100 touch screen remote control
  • Solid Oak AV cabinet integrated into the AV wall – designed and built by HiFi cinema’s own joiner Ken.

The result is quite simply jaw dropping.  Both picture and sound integrate seamlessly to transport you into another world.  The soundstage is way bigger than the room, the combination of the Arcam surround amp and the Mentor speakers gives an almost overwhelming detail and subtlety which is further enhanced by the all involving 8′ picture.


Stage by stage build photos……..

First start with a really nice barn –

barn conversion

First fix installation, Cat-5e, speaker and video cable

barn conversion 1

Second Fix – Cabinet and AV wall assembled – note the recess for the projector and plasma screen

barn conversion 2

Installing the projector…

The powerful, well integrated Dali Ikon subwoofer provides the low notes, whilst the Arcam AVR600 sorts out the detail for the rest of the speakers.

Finally, install the AV equipment, some furniture, and a very friendly cat!

barn conversion 3

Next project: The main house